Throwback to year 2017

Awards and nominations


In November, MYJAR were declared winners of the Best Contact Centre Team at ‘The Collections & Customer Service Awards’ on 22 November 2017. We were able beat contact centre giants such as Three Mobile and the HMRC. This is an outstanding achievement!

Here is what the judges said: “The winner of this category demonstrated how customer service makes a key contribution to the business, and a big difference to the customer experience – with excellence displayed in all aspects of the operation.” Congratulations to the Team!


MYJAR were also shortlisted for the best collections team of 2017 award. The awards ceremony took place in London on the 4th October 2017. Only 3 companies made the shortlist from over 30 entries, MYJAR being one of these. While we did not win, we were ‘highly commended’, for our approach to collections as a unit and as a company. Our ethos of ‘treating customers fairly’ – and our willingness to assist all customers as much as we can – resonated with the judging panel.


MYJAR New Year’s Party

In January we had our annual MYJAR New Year’s Party at the Kopli Restaurant.

It was an evening full of good food, entertainment and dancing. We had our 1st MYJAR Employee Awards ceremony, which was definitely the highlight of the party.

Welcome summer – MYJAR Scavenger Hunt

At the beginning of June we had our summer welcoming event – a Scavenger Hunt! It was a great way to empower teamwork by solving riddles and following a quest through different checkpoints

in central Tallinn. The final clue led to the finish point, which was at Kohvik Kohalik, where we were welcomed with delicious BBQ snacks. The day was full-on sun, adventure and delicious food.

MYJAR Summer Days

This year’s ‘Summer Days’ took place in the beginning of August at Raudsilla Entertainment Complex, a breathtakingly beautiful venue only 45 minutes from Tallinn. Although the weather

couldn’t have been any worse (constant rain showers from morning until evening), everyone had an absolute blast. We had a wide variety of different games and activities, ranging from extreme adventure activities to just chilling at the sauna and pool.






Other Events

In addition to the above, we also had numerous other events throughout the year, directed by different departments and teams working in MYJAR, such as movie night at Apollo Solaris cinema, a boat trip to Naissaare, a cocktail night at Piano Bar etc., Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. We work really hard throughout the year, but we also know how to celebrate!




Migration to the Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing service that we use for our core infrastructure. Migrating different parts of our system from Morpheus to AWS makes things work much better. To put it simply, it’s like taking a pile of boxes and sorting their contents into separate shelves – it’s now much easier to find what you need.

Ping in Full Swing

Split-second lead buying decisions. This allows us to consistently make fast decisions so we never miss an opportunity, and currently makes us industry leaders in this domain.

10x Faster Collections

The new Collections Micro-service – brought to you by Money and Risk Squad – handles collections 10x faster than previously. Now a successful collection attempt takes a mere fraction of a second. ‘Quick, trusted, done and dusted’ means that our fast, reliable collections service enables customers to take care of business and move on with their day sooner.

The year 2018 is going to be full of new missions, challenges and goals and we are already looking forward to them. Teamwork makes the dreams work!